OpenBSDs Korn Shell (ksh) for GNU/Linux

What is it?

The OpenBSD people have cleaned up and enhanced the original PD ksh with great features. E. g.

works like under bash (try this with a standard PD ksh).

So I ported the OpenBSD version of ksh to GNU/Linux.

What's new?

In Version 0.4.1 from 27.08.2010

In Version 0.4 from 23.08.2010

In Version 0.3

In Version 0.2


Here are the sources and md5sum. To build and install use the usual ./configure && make && make install.

There is a PKGBUILD for Arch Linux


Do you have EDITOR variable set to vi,vim or something similar? Then ksh switches to vi mode, where this feature isn't available. Do "set -o emacs" in your .profile, and it should work like you're expecting