What is ConnochaetOS

ConnochaetOS is a free/libre GNU/Linux distribution for x86 computers with limited ressources. This means it contains only free software and follows the spirit of the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines and the Debian Free Software Guidelines. Technically ConnochaetOS follows the KISS principle (which means no systemd, for example). It is build on top of the GNU/linux distributions Slackware and Salix OS.

As of Easter 2015 ConnochaetOS has resurrected. After a nearly 3 year death period I decided to bring ConnochaetOS back to life.

This time it will be again a free/libre distro which contains only free software. It still focuses on lightweight usage and old computers - why there will be only a 32 bit version. To reduce the workload ConnochaetOS will be based on Slackware and Salix OS. The repo consists of a Slackware and Salix repo mirror, except the non-free parts, plus the slack-n-free repo (see below) which includes ConnOS-specific packages and free/libre replacements for non-free Packages in the upstream distros.

The versioning will follow the Slack/Salix versioning scheme to make things easier. So the next ConnochaetOS release will be version 14.1


Getting ConnochaetOS

ConnochaetOS 14.1 RC1

You can download an ISO image of RC1 from Sourceforge (md5sum sha512sum)

ConnochaetOS slack-n-free repo

Many GNU/Linux enthusiasts had contact with with the Slackware GNU/Linux distro and appreciate it's clear structure. Slackware follows the Unix and KISS principles very strictly.

Slackware is the oldest surviving and still maintained GNU/Linux distro out there. For experienced GNU/Linux users Slackware is very simple to administrate. That's why many GNU/Linux users prefer the simplicity of Slackware over GUI driven configuration wizards

Unfortunately Slackware does not have a clear policy about what software can be included, and nonfree blobs are included in Linux, the kernel.

There are sevceral fully free distros which are based on popular GNU/Linux Distros, for example Trisquel, which is based on Ubuntu, BLAG is based on RedHat/Fedora and Parabola GNU/Linux is based on Arch. But curiously there is no fully free Slackware equivalent.

For this reason I've created the “slack-n-free” repo which is the repo of ConnochaetOS. It contains many free replacements for Packages in the upstream distros with non-free bits, e. g. the Linux-libre kernel and complete free/libre versions of mozilla programs Icecat, Icedove and Iceape

Although ConnochaetOS is only available for 32 bit the slack-n-free repo comes in AMD 64 bit flavour as well. So if you are using 64 bit Salix/Slackware it is possible to transform it into a free distro with the slack-n-free repo

You can find the repo at

The usual “generic” and “huge” kernel builds are available vor i686 (32 bit) and amd64 (x86_64, 64) bit.

Depending on future interest there may be additionally and liberated packages available for Slackware later.

Hint: The binary packages are signed with a GPG key. You can download the public key at

As of 05/13/2014 the slack-n-free repo is compatible with the slapt-get package manager for Slackware compatible distros. To use slack-n-free with slapt-get add the following line to your slapt-getrc